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Séminaire Lucie Pepe – Laboratoire de Chimie Quantique

27 novembre 2023 14 h 00 min 15 h 00 min

Résumé :
In an extended star graph with peripheral defects and a core occupied by a trap, it has
been recently shown that exciton-mediated energy transport from the periphery to the core
can be optimized by a judicious choice of energy defects [S. Yalouz et al. Phys. Rev. E
An extension of this work has been done by considering the exciton as an open quantum
system perturbed by the presence of a dephasing environment. Simulating the dynamics
using a Lindblad master equation, we observed a same type of quantum transport speedup
when using the same initial optimal setting of energy defects (as long as the dephasing
remains small enough). Nevertheless, once the strong dephasing regime is reached, the
exciton transport gets hindered on the network.
These isolated- and open-dynamics results will be presented, together with a theoretical
interpretation of the observed change in behavior, using the directed network formalism. In
particular, the analytical form of the excitonic absorption time with this formalism will be
recovered, and explanations of the strong dependence between this quantity and the size
of the networks will be demonstrated.

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