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Thomas Masseron

Inferring stellar evolution and Milky Way history from stellar spectra and asteroseismology.

Thursday October 1st 2015, 14:00

Conference room of the observatory

Thomas Masseron, Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge (United Kingdom)

Stellar spectra can provide useful constrain on stellar evolution models
but also on Galactic populations models. After presenting the abundance
analysis technique, I will present results concerning the Galactic disks
from which we are able to infer their formation history by looking at
the carbon and nitrogen abundances in the giant stars. But thanks to
asteroseismology, we can derived relatively precisely stellar masses and
stellar evolutionary status to further scrutinize both the respective
evolution of the disks as well as the nucleosynthesis of C and N in
giant stars. However, I will also show our current limitations in terms
of modelling of red giant branch as well as abundances measurements.