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Supachai Awiphan

Confronting Galactic model and microlensing data with MaBulS

jeudi 27 septembre 2018, 14h

salle de conférences de l’observatoire

Supachai AWIPHAN

Institut national de recherche astronomique de Thaïlande (NARIT), chercheur invité à l’Institut UTINAM

Mots-clés :
Astrophysique, micro-lentilles gravitationnelles, Bulbe galactique

Résumé :

The microlensing surveys on the Galactic bulge have provided useful information in the search for exoplanets and for the study of Galactic structure. From our previous study (Awiphan et al. 2016), we developed the first interactive multi-wavelength microlensing simulation called MaBulS (Manchester-Besancon microlensing Simulator, We performed the first field-by-field microlensing maps comparison of the Besancon population synthesis Galactic model and MOA-II microlensing observations (Sumi et al. 2013). Recently, the OGLE survey published statistical data of 2,617 microlensing events (Mroz et al. 2017). In this work, we use MaBulS to simulate microlensing event rates of OGLE-IV fields and compare the event rates with the published OGLE-IV event rates. In this work, the field-by-field comparison between the Besancon model and OGLE-IV data will be shown with the updated Galactic bulge parameters from MCMC fitting.