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Maxime Bois

Numerical simulations of binary galaxy mergers : on the formation of early-type galaxies

vendredi 5 avril 2013, 14h

salle de conférences de l’observatoire

Maxime Bois, LERMA, Observatoire de Paris

Résumé :

I will present a study on the formation of early-type galaxies (ETGs) through mergers with a sample of 70 high-resolution numerical simulations of binary mergers of disc galaxies and 16 simulations of ETG remergers. These simulations, designed to accompany observations and models conducted within the Atlas3D project, encompass various mass ratios, initial conditions and orbital parameters.
I will show that binary mergers can produce both fast rotating and slow rotating galaxies. Most Slow Rotators formed in these binary disc mergers hold a stellar Kinematically Distinct Core (KDC) in their 1-3 central kilo-parsec : these KDCs are built from the stellar components of the progenitors.
With the implementation of stellar populations models, these simulations are also useful to constrain the formation and the growth of ETGs via dry galaxy mergers.