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Matériaux et surfaces fonctionnels (MSF)

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Publications originales dans des revues à comité de lecture

  • M. Aden, J. Husson, S. Monney, M. Franchi, M. Knorr et M. Euvrard
    Biosorption of Pb(II) ions from aqueous solution using alginates extracted from Djiboutian seaweeds and deposited on silica particles
    Pure and Applied Chemistry, 2019 (sous presse)
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  • F. Bally-Le Gall, M.A. Mokhter, S. Lakard, S. Wolak, P. Kunemann, P. Fioux, A. Airoudj, S. El Yakhlifi, C. Magnenet, B Lakard et V. Roucoules
    Poly(allylamine) Plasma Polymer Coatings for an Efficient Retention of Ni(II) ions by Ultrafiltration Membranes
    Plasma Processes and Polymers, e1800134, 2019
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  • E. Bernard, B. Lothenbach, C. Chlique, M. Wyrzykowski, A. Dauzères, I. Pochard et C.Cau-Dit-Coumes
    Characterization of magnesium silicate hydrate (M-S-H)
    Cement and Concrete Research, 116, 309-330, 2019
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  • A. Pesquet, H. Marzag, M. Knorr, C. Strohmann, A. Lawson, A. Ghinet, J. Dubois, A. Farce, A. Daïch et M. Othman
    En-route to 3-Spiroindolizines Containing Isoindole Ring Through Intramolecular Arylation of Spiro-N-Acyliminium Species. A new Family of Potent Farnesyltransferase Inhibitors
    Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 2019 (sous presse)
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  • L. Baissac, C.C. Buron, L. Hallez, P. Berçot, J.-Y. Hihn, L. Chantegrel et G.Gosse
    Synthesis of sub-micronic and nanometric PMMA particles via emulsion polymerization assisted by ultrasound: process flow sheet and characterization
    Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 40, 183-192, 2018
    Site de l'éditeur
  • E.Bernard, B.Lothenbach, C.Cau-dit-coumes, C.Chlique, A.Dauzeres et I.Pochard
    Magnesium and Calcium Silicate Hydrates, Part I: Investigation of the possible magnesium incorporation in calcium silicate hydrate (C-S-H) and of the calcium in magnesium silicate hydrate (M-S-H)
    Applied Geochemistry, 89, 229-242, 2018
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  • H. Boulebd, L. Ismaili, A. Khatyr, A. May et A. Belfaitah
    New Highly Fluorescent Hybrids (Benz)Imidazol-2-Aminonicotinonitrile and -2-Aminoisophthalonitrile : Synthesis, Characterization, Fluorescence Study and Theoretical Calculations
    Monatshefte für Chemie, 1-12, 2018
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  • J. Husson et L. Guyard
    4′-(5-Methylfuran-2-yl)-2,2′:6′,2″-terpyridine: A New Ligand Obtained from a Biomass-Derived Aldehyde with Potential Application in Metal-Catalyzed Reactions
    Molbank, 4, M1032, 2018
    Site de l'éditeur
  • F.E.Jurin, C.C.Buron, N.Martin, S.Monney et C.Filiâtre
    Electrical conductivity enhancement and wettability modification of (PDDA/PEDOT:PSS)n multilayer film
    Thin Solid Films, 664, 33-40, 2018
    Site de l'éditeur
  • M.A. Mokhter, C. Magnenet, S. Lakard, M. Euvrard, M. Aden, S. Clément, A. Mehdi et B. Lakard
    Use of modified colloids and membranes to remove metal ions from contaminated solutions
    Colloids and Interfaces, 2, 19, 2018
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  • I.Pochard, M.Vall, J.Eriksson, C.Farineau, O.Cheung, S.Frykstrand, K.Welch et M.Strömme
    Amine-functionalised mesoporous magnesium carbonate: dielectric spectroscopy studies of interactions with water and stability
    Materials Chemistry and Physics, 216, 332-338, 2018
    Site de l'éditeur
  • R. Sakly, H. Edziri, M. Askri, M. Knorr, C. Strohmann et M. Mastouri
    One-pot four component domino strategy for the synthesis of novel spirooxindole pyrrolidine/pyrrolizidine-linked 1,2,3-triazoles conjugates via stereo- and regioselective [3+2] cycloaddition reaction derivatives: in vitro antibacterial and antifungal studies
    Comptes Rendus Chimie, 21, 41-53, 2018
    Site de l'éditeur
  • A. Schlachter, L. Viau, D. Fortin, L. Knauer, C. Strohmann, M. Knorr et P. Harvey
    Control of Structures and Emission Properties of (CuI)n 2-Methyldithiane Coordination Polymers
    Inorganic Chemistry, 57(21), 13564-13576, 2018
    Site de l'éditeur
  • C.M. Sougueh, S. Lakard, J. Husson, E. Contal, S. Monney, V. Moutarlier, C. Magnenet et B. Lakard
    Influence of pre-grafted pyrrole-based silane on the electrodeposition and chemical properties of polypyrrole films
    Synthetic Metals, 246, 220-229, 2018
    Site de l'éditeur

  • M. Aden, R. Na Ubol, M. Knorr, J. Husson et M. Euvrard
    Efficent removal of nickel(II) salts from aqueous solution usingcarboxymethylchitosan-coated silica particles as adsorbent
    Carbohydrate Polymers, 173, 372-382, 2017
    Site de l'éditeur
  • M. Aller Pellitero, A. Guimera, M. Kitsara, R. Villa, C. Rubio, B. Lakard, M.L. Doche, J.Y. Hihn et F.J. del Campo
    Quantitative self-powered electrochromic biosensors
    RSC Chemical Science, 8, 1995-2002, 2017
    Site de l'éditeur
  • E. Bernard, B. Lothenbach, F. Le Goff, I. Pochard et A. Dauzeres
    Effect of Magnesium on Calcium Silicate Hydrate (C-S-H)
    Cement and Concrete Research, 97, 61-72, 2017
    Site de l'éditeur
  • E. Bernard, B. Lothenbach, D. Rentsch, I. Pochard et A. Dauzeres
    Formation of Magnesium Silicate Hydrates (M-S-H)
    Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, 99, 142-157, 2017
    Site de l'éditeur
  • F. Brunel, I. Pochard, M. Turesson, S. Gauffinet et C. Labbez
    Elastic Response of Cementitious Gels to Polycation Addition
    ACS OMEGA, 2(5), 2148-2158, 2017
    Site de l'éditeur
  • F. Charrier, J. Husson et L. Guyard
    Molbank, M940, 2017
    Site de l'éditeur
  • A. Dinache, A. Smarandache, A. Simon, V. Nastasa, T. Tozar, A. Pascu, M. Enescu, A. Khatyr, F. Sima, M.-L. Pascu et A. Staicu
    Photosensitized cleavage of some olefins as potential linkers to be used in drug delivery
    Applied Surface Science, 417, 136-142, 2017
    Site de l'éditeur
  • C. Filiatre, C. Pignolet et C.C. Buron
    Particle Velocities near and along the Electrode during Electrophoretic Deposition: Influence of Surfactant Counter-Ions
    Coatings, 7(9), 147, 2017
    Site de l'éditeur
  • Z. Gonzalez, C. Filiatre, C.C. Buron, A.J. Sanchez-Herencia et B. Ferrari
    Electrophoretic Deposition of Ni(OH)(2) Nanoplatelets Modified by Polyelectrolyte Multilayers: Study of the Coatings Formation in a Laminar Flow Cell
    J. Electrochem. Soc., 164(7), D436-D444, 2017
    Site de l'éditeur
  • D. Guettaia, M. Mokhtari, J-Y Hihn, Y. Stortz, M. Franchi et M. Euvrard
    Sonochemical and photochemical elimination of ibuprofen in aqueous solution
    Journal of Materials and Environmental Sciences, 8(9), 3151-3161, 2017
  • G. Herlem, A. Kandory, R. Kinghat Tangou, T. Gharbi, H. Cattey, M. Knorr et A. Khatyr
    Electrochemical deposition of a luminescent alkoxysilyl-based fluorenone film exhibiting halide sensitivity
    J. Solid State Sci. Technol., 6(1), R7-R13, 2017
    Site de l'éditeur
  • F. E. Jurin, C.C. Buron, S. Clément, A. Mehdi, L. Viau, B. Lakard. N. Martin et C. Filiâtre
    Flexible and conductive multilayer films based on the assembly of PEDOT:PSS and water soluble polythiophenes
    Organic Electronics, 46, 263-269, 2017
    Site de l'éditeur
  • I. Kharmachi, L. Dhouibi, P. Berçot, M. Rezrazi et B. Lakard
    Electrodeposition behavior, physicochemical properties and corrosion resistance of Ni-Co coating modified by gelatin additive
    Protection of Metals and Physical Chemistry of Surfaces, 53(6), 1059-1069, 2017
    Site de l'éditeur
  • M. Knorr et I. Jourdain
    Activation of alkynes by diphosphine- and µ-phosphido-spanned heterobimetallic complexes
    Coord. Chem. Rev., 350, 217-247, 2017
    Site de l'éditeur
  • S. Kumar, F. Guyon, M. Knorr, S. Labat, K. Miqueu, C. Golz et C. Strohmann
    Experimental and Theoretical Studies on the Mechanism of the C-S Bond Activation of PdII Thiolate/Thioether Complexes
    Organometallics, 36(7), 1303-1321, 2017
    Site de l'éditeur
  • C.Leite, B. Lakard, J.Y. Hihn, F.J. del Campo et S. Lupu
    Use of sinusoidal voltages with fixed frequency in the preparation of tyrosinase based electrochemical biosensors for dopamine electroanalysis
    Sensors and Actuators B, 240, 801-809, 2017
    Site de l'éditeur
  • M. A. Mokhter, S. Lakard, C. Magnenet, M. Euvrard et B. Lakard
    Preparation of polyelectrolyte-modified membranes for heavy metal ions removal
    Environmental Technology, 38, 2476-2485, 2017
    Site de l'éditeur
  • S. Pfendler, O. Einhorn, F. Bousta, A. Khatyr, L. Alaoui-Sossé, L. Aleya et B. Alaoui-Sossé
    UV-C as a means to combat biofilm proliferation on prehistoric paintings: evidence from laboratory experiments
    Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 24, 21601-21609, 2017
    Site de l'éditeur
  • A. Raghuvanshi, C. Strohmann, J.B. Tissot, S. Clément, A. Mehdi, S. Richeter, L. Viau et M. Knorr
    Assembly of Coordination Polymers using Thioether-Functionalized Octasilsesquioxanes. Occurrence of (CuX)n Clusters (X = Br and I) within 3D-POSS Networks
    Chemistry - A European Journal, 23(65), 16479-16483, 2017
    Site de l'éditeur
  • A. Raghuvanshi, N. J. Dargallay, M. Knorr, L. Viau, L. Knauerb et C. Strohmann
    1,3-Dithiolane and 1,3-Ferrocenyl-dithiolane as Assembling Ligands for the Construction of Cu(I) Clusters and Coordination Polymers
    Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials, 27(5), 1501-513, 2017
    Site de l'éditeur
  • N. Roosz, M. Euvrard, B. Lakard, C.C. Buron et L. Viau
    Synthesis and characterization of polyaniline-silica composites: raspberry vs core-shell structures. Where do we stand?
    JCIS, 502, 184-192, 2017
    Site de l'éditeur
  • F. Rouatbi, C. Mhiri, M. Askri, M. Knorr, Y. Rousselin et M. M. Kubicki
    Regioselective Synthesis of Mono- and Dispiropyrazoline Derivatives via 1,3-dipolar Cycloaddition with Nitrilimines
    J. Heterocyclic Chem., 54(2), 1152-1160, 2017
    Site de l'éditeur
  • R. Sakly, H. Edziri, M. Askri, M. Knorr, K. Louven, C. Strohmann et M. Mastouri
    Synthesis of new spirooxindole-fused isoxazoline/triazole and isoxazoline/isoxazole derivatives from three-component 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition. Evaluation of their antibacterial and antifungal activities
    J. Heterocyclic Chem., 54, 3554-3564, 2017
    Site de l'éditeur Autre lien
  • Z. Xie, H. Maradj, M.-A. Suarez, L. Viau, V. Moutarlier, C. Filiatre, C. Fauquet, D. Tonneau et T. Grosjean
    Ultracompact x-ray dosimeter based on scintillators coupled to a nano-optical antenna
    Optics Letters, 42, 1361-1364, 2017
    Site de l'éditeur

Articles publiés dans des actes de colloques

Chapitres d'ouvrages

  • Jaime Punter-Villagrasa, Jordi Colomer-Farrarons, Francisco J. del Campo, Pere Miribel-Català, Maria Kitsara, Miguel Aller, Gonzalo Guirado, Jules Ruiz, Boris Lakard et Jean-Yves Hihn
    Electrochemical DC Techniques. Glucose Monitoring and Multi-parametric Detection
    In Amperometric and Impedance Monitoring Systems for Biomedical Applications, p113-136, Springer International Publishing, Jaime Punter-Villagrasa, Jordi Colomer-Farrarons, Francisco J. del Campo, Pere Miribel, eds., 2017
    Site de l'éditeur