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Liste complète des publications

par Virginie Moutarlier -

2018 / F. Jurin, C. Buron, N. Martin, S. Monney, C. Filiatre, "Electrical conductivity enhancement and wettability modification of (PDDA/PEDOT:PSS)n multilayer film" Thin Solid Films 664 (2018) 33–40

2018 / C.M. Sougueh, S. Lakard, J. Husson, E. Contal, S. Monney, V. Moutarlier, C. Magnenet, B. Lakard, "Influence of pre-grafted pyrrole-based silane on the electrodeposition and chemical properties of polypyrrole films" Synthetic Metals,Volume 246 (2018), 220-229

2018 / J. Maire, E. Brunol, N. Fatin-Rouge, "Shear-thinning fluids for gravity and anisotropy mitigation during soil remediation in the vadose zone" Chemosphere, 197 (2018) 661-669

2017 / I. Bouzid, J. Maire, E. Brunol, N. Fatin-Rouge, "Compatibility of surfactants with activated-persulfate for the selective oxidation of PAH in groundwater remediation " Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 5 (2017) 6098-6106

2017 / Z Xie, H Maradj, MA Suarez, L Viau, V Moutarlier, C Filiatre, C Fauquet, D Tonneau, T Grosjean, “Ultracompact X-ray dosimeter based on scintillators coupled to a nano-optical antenna” Optics Letters, (2017)

2017 / C Rotty, ML Doche, A Mandroyan, JY Hihn, G Montavon, V Moutarlier, “Comparaison of electropolishing behaviours of TSC, ALM and cast 316L stanless steel in H3PO4/H2SO4” Surfaces and Interfaces 6 (2017) 170-176

2016 / B. Naidji, J Husson, A El Taouil, E Brunol, JB Sanchez, "Terpyridine-based metallopolymer thin films as active layer in ammonia sensor device" Synthetic Metals, 221 (2016) 214-219

2016 / S. Lakard, J. Husson, S. Monney, C. Buron, B. Lakard, "Towards carboxylic acid-functionalized aniline monomers : chemical synthesis, electropolymerization and characterization" Progress in Organic Coatings, 99 (2016) 429-436

2016 / J. Husson, S. Lakard, S. Monney, C. Buron, B. Lakard, "Elaboration and characterization of carboxylic acid-functionalized polypyrrole films " Synthetic Metals, 220 (2016) 247-254

2016 / A. Zribi, M. Barthes, S. Begot, F. Lanzetta, JY Rauch, V. Moutarlier, “Design, fabrication and characterization of thin film resistances for heat flux sensing application”, Sensors and Actuators, 245 (2016)

2016 / S. Carquigny, B. Lakard, S. Lakard, V. Moutarlier, J-Y Hihn, L. Viau “Investigation of pharmaceutically active ionic liquids as electrolyte for the electrosynthesis of polypyrrole and active component in controlled drug delivery“, Electrochimica Acta, vol .211 (1) (2016) 950-961

2016 / E. Euvrard, N. Crini, C. Druart, J. Bugnet, B. Martel, C. Cosentino, V. Moutarlier and G. Crini, “Cross-linked cyclodextrin-based material for treatment of metals and organic substances present in industrial discharge waters” Journal of organic chemistry 12 (2016) 1826-1837

2015 / M. Vanotti, V. Blondeau-Patissier,V. Moutarlier, S. Ballandras, “Analysis of palladium and yttrium–palladium alloy layers used for hydrogen detection with SAW device”, Sensors and Actuators B : 217 (2015) 30-35

2014 / V. Moutarlier, S. Lakard, T. Patois, B. Lakard “Glow discharge optical emission spectroscopy : a complementary technique to analyze thin electrodeposited polyaniline films” Thin Solid Films 550 (2014) 27–35

2014 / C. Meudre, L. Ricq, JY. Hihn, V. Moutarlier, A. Monnin, O. Heintz, “Adsorption of gelatin during electrodeposition of copper and tin–copper alloys from acid sulfate electrolyte”, Surface & Coatings Technology 252 (2014) 93–101

2014 / L. Viau, J.Y. Hihn, S. Lakard,V. Moutarlier, V. Flaud, B. Lakard, “Full characterization of polypyrrole thin films electrosynthesized in room temperature ionic liquids, water or acetonitrile”, Electrochimica Acta 137 (2014) 298–310

2014 / C. Buron, M. Quinart, T. Vrlinic, S. Yunus, K. Glinel, A.M. Jonas, B. Lakard “Application of original assemblies of polyelectrolytes, urease and electrodeposited polyaniline as sensitive films of potentiometric urea biosensors”, Electrochimica Acta, 148 (2014) 53-61

2012 / M. Buatier, B. Lacroix, P. Labaume, V. Moutarlier, D. Charpentier, JP. Sizun, A. Trave, “Microtextural investigation of phyllosilicates in a major thrust fault zone : impact on fault reactivation” Swiss J Geosci 105 (2012) 313–324

2011 / A. Et Taouil, F. Lallemand, JY Hihn, L. Hallez , V. Moutarlier, V. Blondeau-Patissier, “Relation between structure and ions mobility in polypyrrole electrosynthesized under high frequency ultrasound irradiation” Electrochimica Acta 58 (2011) 67–75

2011 / T. Patois, B. Lakard, S. Monney, X. Roizard, P. Fievet, “Characterization of the surface properties of polypyrrole films : Influence of electrodeposition parameters”, Synthetic Metals 161 (2011) 2498– 2505

2010 / L.W. Huang, O. Elkedim, V. Moutarlier, “Synthesis and characterization of nanocrystalline Mg 2 Ni prepared by mechanical alloying : Effects of substitution of Mn for Ni” Journal of Alloys and Compounds 504 (2010) 311–314