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Katharina Fromm

New functional materials: metal ion release, sensing and luminescence

Thursday June 13th 2019, 14:00

Conference room of the observatory

Katharina FROMM

Department of Chemistry, University of Fribourg (Switzerland)

Chemistry, polymers, molecular sensors


In the first part of the talk, I will present recent results of the Fromm group in which we were able to design new polymers with ferrocene entities embedded in the polymer backbone. In a proof of principle experiment, the polymers can be selectively cleaved to release (and oxidize) metal ions into the solution. This will be shown on behalf of two different examples.
The second part of the talk will deal with anthracene derivatives that have been used to synthesize new molecular sensors as well as new coordination polymer materials for the detection of specific metal ions, as well as for the absorption and detection of pesticides and nitro-explosives.
If time permits, I will also speak about mixed-metal compounds as precursors for nanoscale mixed oxides as well as metal-organic frameworks to selectively encapsulate C60 versus C70.

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