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Accueil > Séminaires > Archive des séminaires d’Utinam > Archive des séminaires de physique (jusqu’en 2011) > 2011

High resolution molecular spectroscopy of linear molecules CO2, N2O and C2H2 : From global modeling to spectroscopic databases for atmospheric and astrophysical applications

par Edith Burgey -

lundi 14 mars à 10h dans la Salle de conférences de l’Observatoire.

Par le Professeur Valery PEREVALOV, Directeur du Laboratoire de Spectroscopie
Théorique de l’Institut d’Optique Atmosphérique de Tomsk, Russie

Résumé :

Carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and acetylene are known as key molecules of the terrestrial and planetary atmospheres. Their detection and probing of concentrations are based on global observation of high resolution spectra and require a precise knowledge of line positions and intensities.
Theoretical modeling of these spectra is realized by the method of effective operators which will be shortly described. Some examples of global spectra modeling for atmospheric and astrophysical studies, in particular the recently developed versions of the Carbon Dioxide Spectroscopic Databank (CDSD), will be also presented.