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Accueil > Séminaires > Archive des séminaires d’Utinam > 2012

Nikolay Filippov

How to model a planetary atmosphere

par Edith Burgey -

mercredi 22 février, 10h

salle de conférences de l’observatoire

Nikolay Filippov, Université d’état de Saint-Petersbourg, Russie

Résumé :

Developing of reliable models for radiation absorption in any planetary atmosphere requires correct description of wide spectral absorption bands. If we compose these bands as simple sums of Lorentzian isolated lines, the calculated intensities of closely spaced lines differ from the measurements and too high intensities are also obtained for the spectral wings. The “key” for the solution of this problem is accounting for the so-called “line-mixing” effects, i.e. transfer of intensity between the lines.