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Accueil > Séminaires > Archive des séminaires d’Utinam > 2014

Fernando Villafañe

Pyrazole : a keystone to build new complexes and polymetallic assemblies

jeudi 22 mai 2014, 14h00

salle 018N, bâtiment N (Propédeutique, UFR-Sciences)

Prof. Fernando Villafañe, Química Inorgánica, Directeur de la Faculté des Sciences de l’Université de Valladolid, Espagne

Résumé :

The N-H bonds of pyrazole complexes are commonly involved in intra- or intermolecular hydrogen bonds, in the latter case giving rise to aggregates either homo- or heterometallic. A second interesting aspect is their reactivity after deprotonation, since pyrazolates are excellent bridging ligands which facilitate the formation of polimetallic complexes. Finally, pyrazoles are also able to form pyrazolylamidino ligands by coupling reaction with coordinated nitriles.

The talk will show the chemistry of different transition metal complexes with pyrazoles or with ligands containing pyrazole fragments, focussed on these three aspects of interest, their physical and chemical properties, and future outlook and perspectives.

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