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Accueil > Séminaires > Archive des séminaires d’Utinam > 2017

Thibaut Charpentier

Enabling the innovation : Understanding the mechanisms inorganic fouling on surfaces

mercredi 6 septembre 2017, 15h

salle de conférences de l’observatoire

Institute of Functional Surfaces, Université de Leeds (Royaume Uni)

Résumé :

Precipitation of mineral deposits on the surface of domestic and industrial installations is a persistent issue, calculated to have an estimated economic cost of 0.2% of global GDP. The most common treatments employed to control mineral scaling generally involve the use of chemicals or (nano-) filtration system. The former solution is economically viable, however has a significant environmental footprint. The latter suffers from the need for high energy consumption coupled with limited efficiency with monovalent ions. An alternative way forward identified is to turn to surface engineering - this is a very popular approach in the control of bio-fouling but only a few attempts have been made to use it for scale prevention. The current presentation will review some recent collaborative work between Leeds and Besancon in this area. From patterned super-hydrophobic surfaces to fluoropolymer coatings, different approaches to prevent mineral fouling will be presented and discussed in conventional (e.g. carbonate, sulfate) as well as ‘exotic’ scaling environments (sulphide scale).

Cette conférence est dédiée à la mémoire de Myriam Euvrard.