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Dark energy : which physics for the invisible Universe ?

Jeudi 3 février 2011 - 14 h. - Salle de conférence, Observatoire de Besançon

Par A. Fuzfa, FUNDP, Namur, Belgique
Chargé de cours aux FUNDP
Chercheur associé à l’Observatoire de Paris
Chercheur associé au Centre de Physique des Particules et Phénoménologie (CP3), UCL.

Résumé :

From various independent observations, it has been
established that most of our Universe lies invisible. According to
standard physical laws, ordinary matter only accounts for 4% of the
total energy content of the Universe. The remaining 96% is made of
dark matter, and of the even more puzzling dark energy. In this talk,
I will review some of the main evidence in favour of dark energy and I
will present how its various proposed interpretations all seem to
point to new physics, from the vanilla cosmological constant to
modifications of gravity. I will then focus on the Abnormally
Weighting Hypothesis, a unified dark matter-dark energy approach in
which particular dark matter is the source of modified gravity. I will
present several impacts of this framework on cosmic acceleration,
galactic dynamics and solar systems constraints on general relativity.