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Adrien Leleu

Dynamics and detectability of co-orbital exoplanets

Tuesday October 8th 2019, 14:15

Conference room of the observatory

Adrien Leleu

Center for Space and Habitability (CSH), University of Bern (Switzerland)

Astrophysics, dynamics, exoplanets, Trojan planets


Despite the existence of co-orbital bodies in the solar system (1:1 Mean-motion resonance), and the prediction of the formation of co-orbital planets by planetary system formation models, no co-orbital exoplanets (also called trojans) have been confirmed thus far. It can be due to the rarity of the configuration, the degeneracy of the co-orbital signature with other configurations, or observational biases. After a description of various stable co-orbital configurations for a pair of planet, I will discuss their signature in transit timing variations, transits, and radial velocity measurements. Finally I will present one of our best hope for the confirmation of the first co-orbital pair of planets: the Tess Object of Interest 178.