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Open quantum systems

Quantum information, control, transport & correlations

The theoretical physics group studies quantum decoherence phenomenons in some problems of control, analysis, treatment and transport of the quantum information in atomic and molecular systems.

Research topics

Quantum control, optical diagnostic and thermodynamics

Atomic and molecular control by strong laser fields
Reservoir engineering and quantum thermodynamics
Optical diagnostic and temperature measurment
Decoherence and transport in open quantum systems

Chaos, decoherence and information transport in spin systems
Decoherence and excitonic transport in molecular networks and in dendrimers
Decoherence in quantum electrodynamics & master equations
Entanglement and quantum information protocols

Quantum entanglement dynamics
Quantum purification and distillation protocols
Quantum computer, quantum computing protocols and algorithms

Participations to CNRS research networks:
Quantum Engineering, Fundamental aspects and Applications
Quantum dynamics
Quantum dynamics of molecular systems: theory, modelling, simulations.

- Permanent members :

Bruno Bellomo Associate professor webpage
Pierre Joubert Professor
José Lages Associate professor webpage
Vincent Pouthier Researcher (CNRS) webpage
David Viennot Associate professor webpage

- Non-permanent members :

Quentin Ansel Postdoctoral researcher
Lucile Aubourg Researcher
Georges Jolicard Researcher
John P. Killingbeck Reader emeritus (University of Hull, U.K.)
Antonio Mandarino Postdoctoral researcher
Hippolyte Nyengeri Researcher (Burundi University) webpage
Nicelo Piccione PhD student
Michaël Sarrazin Teacher
Saad Yalouz PhD student

- Master and undergraduate students :

Pierre-Jean Charpin Master student
Dylan Chosson Bachelor student
Elisa Le Dourner Master student
Mehdi Mabed Master student

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