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Dynamical systems

Theory, mathematical modelling and numerical simulations

We study classical, semi-classical, quantum, celestial and relativistic dynamical systems with theoretical, mathematical and numerical methods.

Research topics

Classical, semi-classical and celestial dynamics : theory and simulations

Symplectic dynamics, celestial mechanics, and dark matter
Markovian dynamics, networks and operators in nonlinear dynamics
Quantum systems controlled by chaotic systems and quantum chaos
Spectral and numerical analysis of quantum dynamics

Floquet theory, adiabatic limits and global integrations
Solving eigensystems : exact and numerical calculus
Spectral properties of quasiperiodic structures and Penrose tiling
Geometric phases and geometry in quantum and relativistic dynamics

Geometric phases in quantum dynamics and optics
Fibre bundles and gauge theory in general relativity and quantum mechanics
Black hole geometry, D-branes and gravity models

Participations to CNRS research networks
Quantum dynamics

Projects with regional and national grants
Apligoogle (CNRS MASTODONS CNRS project)
APEX Physical analysis of complex networks, grants from region of Burgundy-Franche-Comté.
GNETWORKS Google Matrix Analysis of Real Complex Networks, I-SITE Bourgogne-Franche-Comté project (PIA2).

- Permanent members :

José Lages Associate professor webpage
Eugène de Prunelé Professor webpage
David Viennot Associate professor webpage
Jean-Marie Vigoureux Professor emeritus

- Non-permanent members :

Lucile Aubourg Researcher
Célestin Coquidé PhD student
Georges Jolicard Researcher
John P. Killingbeck Reader emeritus (University of Hull, U.K.)
Guillaume Rollin Post-doctoral researcher webpage
Michaël Sarrazin Teacher

- Master and undergraduate students :

Salah-Eddine Boudaour Master student
Pierre-Jean Charpin Master student
Dylan Chosson Bachelor student
Julien Haefelin Bachelor student
Justin Loye Master student
Mehdi Mabed Master student
Estelle Robert Bachelor student

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