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NomLaboratoireDateLieuTitre du séminaire
Jan ORKISZ Chalmers University of Technology Gothenburg (Sweden)
Friday January 17th 2020, 10:30

Conference room of Besançon observatory Stellar births in turbulent molecular clouds Summary
Gražina TAUTVAISIENE Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy, Vilnius University (Lituanie)
Tuesday 21th 2020, 10:45

Conference room of Besançon observatory Carbon and nitrogen as probes of mixing processes in giant stars Summary
Yann CLÉNET Laboratory for Space Science and Astrophysical Instrumentation (LESIA) Paris Observatory
Monday February 3rd 2020, 10:45

Conference room of Besançon observatory MICADO, the ELT first-light imager
OSU THETA’s seminar Summary
William CHANTEREAU Liverpool John Moores University (United Kingdom)
Tuesday February 4th 2020, 10:30

Conference room of Besançon observatory The exciting life of old stellar clusters Summary
Bruno Georges POLLET Hydrogen Energy and Sonochemistry research group
Department of Energy and Process Engineering, Faculty of Engineering
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim, Norway
Thursday February 13rd 2020, 14:00-16:00

amphitheatre of the transfer building at ENSMM The Use of Sound for the Development of Water Electrolyser and Fuel Cell Electrocatalysts UTINAM-MIFHySTO platform joint seminar Summary
Vincent HUMBLOT FEMTO-ST, MNS2S Department
Wednesday February 19th 2020, 10:00

Conference room of Besançon observatory Fonctionnalisation de surface par des molécules antimicrobiennes : étude de la réponse antibactérienne en fonction de la structure du film de surface
Deepak M. KIRPALANI Energy, Mining and Environment Research Centre, National Research Concil of Canada, Ottawa (Canada)
Thursday March 19th 2020, 14:00

seminar cancelled

Conference room of Besançon observatory In silico Screening of Sonochemical Degradation Pathways for Organic Acids in Water Summary
Etienne BACHELET Las Cumbres Observatory, California, United States
Tuesday March 31st 2020, 17:00
video broadcast seminar Explorer la Voie Lactée grâce aux microlentilles gravitationnelles et aux télescopes robotiques
Violaine REBOUILLAT docteure en Sciences de l’information et de la communication du Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, laboratoire "Dispositifs d’Information et de Communication à l’Ère Numérique – Paris Île de France" (DICEN-IdF)
Tuesday April 7th 2020, 14:15

seminar cancelled

Conference room of Besançon observatory L’ouverture des données de la recherche : acteurs, dynamiques et tensions
OSU THETA’s seminar Summary
Nicolas GILLET Strasbourg astronomical Observatory
Tuesday June 23rd 2020, 13:45
video broadcast seminar; link to follow the seminar How to form galaxies at redshift 30 and update on the last reionisation constraints
Saad YALOUZ Theoretical Chemistry, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and Instituut-Lorentz, Universiteit Leiden, The Netherlands
Friday October 16th 2020, 15:00
Conference room of Besançon observatory Quantum algorithm to solve the electronic structure problem from chemistry on near term quantum computers Summary

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